Project: Vodafone Free SIM

Delivering SIM cards to letterboxes everywhere

FreeSIM provides a platform for Pay as you go SIMs to be ordered from a number of channels: web, mobile, SMS, banners and via partner websites. It integrates with a number of third party systems to handle order validation and fulfilment. It also provides analytics to track which campaigns have been the most effective. It has handled over 2,000,000 orders in the 2 years since its launch.

I architected the technical solution and lead development on the project. We chose to provide a tailored experiences for smartphone and feature phone. Simple RESTful APIs were built to allow third parties to track the success of their own campaigns.

For the initial build we used an agile methodology for requirements, estimation and development. We laid great foundations, with good test coverage and no technical debt to repay. This has enabled us to build on our success and constantly refine the customer experience - there's been an 81% uplift in click to order conversions since day one.




PHP5, CodeIgniter 2, MySQL, Beanstalkd